With 57 percent of consumers searching for foods made with simple, real ingredients, the emphasis on food authenticity, sourcing and labeling practices is not going away. From honey bees to the kitchen pantry, the harvesting of honey is a multifaceted journey that is sometimes misrepresented. Beekeepers have a close-knit relationship with their bees, from the collecting of nectar to the extracting of honey from honeycombs for filtering and finally bottling. The National Honey Board (NHB), a federal research and promotion board with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversight, wants to assure consumers their honey is pure, with no added ingredients, by sharing its story, from harvest to distribution.

Honey bees collect nectar from flowering plants and use it to make honey. Honey is then collected from the beehives, by beekeepers. The cultivation of honey naturally supports a healthy and thriving ecosystem through biodiversity and crop pollination, making it an art and science unto itself.

With more than 300 varietals of honey found in the United States, ranging greatly in flavor, aroma and color, honey is a unique ingredient that helps home cooks and professional chefs create countless recipes in the kitchen.

This versatile everyday ingredient also provides an all-natural energy boost, and acts as a natural cough suppressant and an effective skin moisturizer, nourishing the body inside and out.

The NHB is utilizing industry, culinary and educational resources to produce “The Sweet Truth Behind Honey” video, which captures the many benefits of honey, while shining light on harvesting honey and following the journey from honey bee to the kitchen pantry. Watch the videos below and read the full press release.